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Avoid lengthy waiting lists by booking your introductory call with our experts now and advance to an assessment within days.

Lenire is designed to fit into your schedule, treatment time is just 30-60 minutes daily from the comfort of your own home.

Treatment Plan

Introduction Call

30 mins

Skip traditional waiting lists and discuss your experience of tinnitus with our experts. The purpose of this call is to learn a little bit more about your tinnitus, the severity of it and how it impacts your life. We'll discuss if Lenire can help and answer your queries.

Following this call you can opt for an online tinnitus assessment via video call or an in-person assessment, at Neuromod Medical at the Hermitage Clinic, Dublin.

If you choose an online video assessment, you'll need to have an audiometric evaluation from a Registered Clinical or Hearing Aid Audiologist. Once you send us the results we'll schedule your tinnitus assessment.

Tinnitus Assessment

45 mins

Your tinnitus assessment will determine if Lenire is a suitable treatment option for you or if another treatment is recommended.

The assessment consists of a clinical evaluation including a review of your medical, audiological, and tinnitus history. A suite of audiological tests will be conducted by our specialist audiologist, along with a set of subjective tinnitus measurements (if this is an online video assessment, you will have obtained an audiometric evaluation from a registered audiologist).

If further examination is required, Neuromod Medical may refer you to an appropriate healthcare provider.

If Lenire is recommended as a treatment for you, a member of our team will discuss the device and treatment plan with you, providing all of the relevant information including the payment plans available.

Fitting Appointment

45 mins

This is when you get started with your Lenire device. If you’re visiting the clinic in-person we’ll provide you with the device on the day. If you booked an online fitting your device will be shipped to you and the appointment will take place once it has arrived. The purpose of this appointment is to ensure you have a detailed understanding of how the device works and how to use it effectively at home.

Your device will be configured to your hearing profile (based on information gathered at your tinnitus assessment) and your Tonguetip® will also be calibrated accordingly. You'll get a detailed overview of the Lenire system, its various components and how to safely store and clean your device.

During the session, you'll also be asked to use the device under the supervision of a member of our team. This is to ensure the configuration is comfortable and you are confident using Lenire.

Follow Up Appointments

45 mins

During your treatment, we'll schedule at least two follow up appointments to assess your progress. Based on your preference these can be online via video call or in-person at the clinic.

Typically, the first will take place after 6 to 12 weeks of using Lenire. A team member will review any changes in your audiological or tinnitus history and how you are managing the treatment. If necessary our audiologist may repeat audiological or tinnitus tests. Your current treatment plan will be reviewed and your device may be reconfigured and Tonguetip® recalibrated. The next follow up appointment will take place after another 6 to 12 weeks and the above measures will be repeated.


Lenire is not suitable for everyone. To ensure the safe use of the device there are a number of contraindications and warnings that your healthcare provider will consider prior to prescribing the treatment for you. If you have any of the contraindications specified below, your healthcare provider will not prescribe Lenire and will recommend an alternative treatment approach.


You should not use Lenire if:

You have a pacemaker, defibrillator or any other active implantable device

You are pregnant, unless directed by a doctor

You suffer from epilepsy or any other condition that may result in loss of consciousness

You suffer from any condition that causes impaired sensitivity of the tongue

You have lesions, sores or inflammation of the oral cavity

Lenire Fitting Range

Lenire® is calibrated to the unique hearing profile of each patient. At this time the device cannot be configured for patients with a hearing threshold (AC) in either ear of >40dBHL in the range of 250Hz – 1kHz or >80dBHL in the range of 2kHz- 8kHz. As a result, Lenire may not be suitable for hearing loss outside of this fitting range.