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Lenire® is a non-surgical tinnitus treatment, designed for use by patients in the comfort of their own home after being fitted and evaluated by our team at Neuromod Medical.

The Lenire System

A bimodal neuromodulation treatment, Lenire offers a combination of sound stimulation to the ear (via headphones) and gentle electrical stimulation to the tongue (via a proprietary intra-oral device called the Tonguetip®) in order to promote therapeutic, positive neuroplasticity in tinnitus patients. This treatment serves to counter the unhelpful neuroplasticity that is considered to be a major contributory factor in tinnitus generation and propagation.

The sound and electrical signals are coordinated through the Lenire controller, which plays therapeutic sounds through headphones while sending mild electrical pulse signals through the Tonguetip® device. The Tonguetip® is ergonomically designed to rest comfortably on the tip of the patient’s tongue in the closed mouth.

Treatment with Lenire

Our treatment plan advises daily home use of the device over the course of at least three months. Lenire is recommended to be used for 30 to 60 minutes per day. Patients can choose to complete their treatment in one session per day, totalling 60 minutes or in two sessions of 30 minutes per day.

It is important that each session is completed in a place that is quiet and comfortable; the more relaxed you are during the treatment, the better. This includes feeling physically comfortable in a seated position during the session. Where possible, you should try to keep a routine for the treatment sessions, where the treatment is delivered in or around the same time (or times) each day.

Patient Testimonial

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