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Pricing information for UK resident patients for tinnitus assessments

Introduction Call


Your introduction call with our tinnitus experts is free. Discuss your experience with tinnitus and get information about Lenire. Then you can decide if you wish to proceed with an audiological assessment for your tinnitus. We’ll confirm some details and get a better understanding of your tinnitus. Book your appointment now and choose a time to suit you.

Online Tinnitus Assessment

Price: £85
Includes all service taxes and charges

This assessment is conducted by a qualified and experienced audiologist via video call. All we need is an up to date audiogram to assess you for Lenire.


    • Full Medical and Tinnitus History
    • Tinnitus Evaluation
    • Treatment Suitability
    • Treatment Recommendation

Please note audiology examinations are not included in this assessment. To get the most out of this assessment we recommend you provide the results of a recent audiological assessment (within 6 months) to us in advance.

It may be necessary to arrange to visit an audiology practice near you in advance of your remote assessment with us if you have never had your hearing tested or don’t have access to recent audiological records.

UK pricing information for the Lenire device and treatment plan

Lenire® Up Front

Price: £2,300
Includes all product taxes and charges

Pay for your Lenire device and both of your follow up assessments up front. After your follow up assessments, your device is yours to keep.

Note: This is additional to the fee for your Online Tinnitus Assessment.

Lenire® Payment Plan

Price: £2,500 (£800 + £800 + £900)
Includes all product taxes and charges

Whether you're assessed online or in-clinic, you can pay for the Lenire device in three separate installments of £800 up front, £800 at your first follow up, and £900 at your second follow up.

Note: This is additional to the fee for your Online Tinnitus Assessment.

For more detailed information on the device, how it works and the science behind this treatment