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Neuromod Medical is a centre of excellence in neuromodulation and tinnitus care.

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COVID-19 Announcement

Updated 04/01/2021

Due to the recent impact of COVID-19, for the interests of the safety of our patients and staff, we will only be offering remote appointments with our specialists until 31st January 2021 (depending on Government / HSE public health advice).

Any patient who has booked a clinical appointment will be offered a remote appointment instead. Alternatively, the clinical appointment will be rescheduled to when it is safer to do so.

Our Vision

At Neuromod Medical you will meet a dedicated team of highly trained and skilled professionals led by audiologists specialised in tinnitus.

We understand tinnitus affects more than just the ears and we therefore take a holistic view of tinnitus by assessing all aspects of our patient’s symptoms, medical history and treatment needs.

A standard of excellence in personalised tinnitus care enables us to provide the quality of tinnitus care our patients deserve. We offer patients the time and expertise needed in order to discuss and diagnose their tinnitus so that we can make the most appropriate treatment recommendation.

As a centre of excellence, Neuromod Medical is unique in focusing exclusively on the treatment of tinnitus and does not offer other audiological services such as hearing aid fitting and ear wax removal. If our audiologists believe that a treatment other than Lenire is most suited for your needs, you will be provided with an onward referral to the appropriate specialist.

All of us at Neuromod Medical are motivated by a very clear goal; to reduce the impact tinnitus can have on our patients by enhancing their quality of life through evidence-based, scientifically driven treatment.

Our Offering

Neuromod Medical offers detailed tinnitus assessments coupled with treatment via the Lenire® tinnitus treatment system, a breakthrough evidence-based home-use medical device from Neuromod Devices.

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"About six weeks through the trial I realised that the intensity of the tone I was experiencing in my ear had completely reduced"Aidan