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Neuromod Medical

Neuromod Medical is a centre of excellence for tinnitus care without waiting lists.

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About Neuromod Medical

At Neuromod Medical, we strive to reduce the impact tinnitus has on our patients by enhancing their quality of life through evidence-based and clinically proven treatments.

Our dedicated team of highly trained audiologists and specialists focus exclusively on the treatment of tinnitus. We provide the time and expertise needed to make the most appropriate treatment recommendation for you.

Our personalised standard of care for treating tinnitus means we assess all aspects of each individual’s symptoms, medical history, and treatment needs when diagnosing and developing treatment plans for our patients.

Treating Tinnitus with Lenire

Neuromod Medical may prescribe treatment of your tinnitus with the Lenire device. Lenire is an evidence-based medical device, designed to improve quality of life for people with tinnitus. It can be used from the comfort of home and has been clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus in large scale clinical trials.

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Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus Therapy is a psychotherapy with a qualified therapist who specialises in tinnitus which aims to minimise its impact on their life by reducing stress and the attention a patient pays to their tinnitus.

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Tinnitus Treatment Plans

Neuromod Medical provides expert assessment and treatment for people with tinnitus. Our Lenire treatment plans with Lenire and Tinnitus Therapy can be accessed by patients in-clinic or online via our telehealth service. It’s important to us that you can access advice and assessment quickly. That’s why we remove waiting lists, allowing you to book your introductory call with our team now.


If you prefer face-to-face appointments with our team, you can visit our clinic at the Hermitage Clinic in Dublin. To get started, book your introductory call and we can talk you through how to get assessed for Lenire or Tinnitus Therapy.


Do you prefer the convenience of an assessment from home or have an up-to-date hearing test? Our audiologists provide assessments for both Tinnitus Therapy and Lenire as well as subsequent appointments by video call. If you’re suitable for treatment, you can carry out all of your treatment plan with us online via video call.

Understand Tinnitus

At least one in every ten adults experiences tinnitus

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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of a sound when there is no external source. There are many possible causes and types of tinnitus, which makes treating it difficult.

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The Tinnitus Experience

The experience of tinnitus varies greatly from person to person; what it sounds like, how unpleasant it can be and how much it intrudes on daily life. We have experience of treating patients with various types of tinnitus.

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A New Treatment Option

Lenire is now available from Neuromod Medical after being shown to soothe and relieve the symptoms of tinnitus in large scale clinical trials.

Patient Stories

“I thought, this was it. This is how I was going to live for the rest of my life with this tinnitus.”

Erlandas, Works in internet banking and organises music events

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“Sometimes I just put on the device – this is a Lenire moment. I’ll use it and get comfort from it”

Órla, Retired teacher. Keen tennis player and golfer

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“I can now go back to doing the things I wasn’t able to do over the past few years… Writing and recording music”

Damian, Operations Manager and keen musician

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“It was like a kettle boiling in my head constantly… Now I’m dancing to Boney M around the living room!”


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How has tinnitus affected you?

“It can be very bad at night-time or in the morning, that’s when it’s at its worst.”

Edward, Clinical Trial Participant

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How has tinnitus affected you?

“I wouldn’t go to parties or things like that in pubs and nightclubs…that had loud exposure or loud music….I just couldn’t do it.”

Noel, Clinical Trial Participant

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Did you have any difficulty using Lenire?

“The device was very easy to use… When I saw it first I was a bit wary but then when I used it, it was very simple. ”

Dorothy, Clinical Trial Participant

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How has Lenire changed your mindset about tinnitus?

“I feel like it’s now something I have control over.”

Hugh, Clinical Trial Participant

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Do people understand what it means to have tinnitus?

“I don’t think anybody understands how tinnitus affects your life….
Some days it can be very hard. It’s very hard to relax. It’s very hard to enjoy life sometimes”

Niall, Clinical Trial Participant

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When did you notice a difference in your tinnitus?

“About a month after I started using the device every day, I woke up one morning and thought ‘there’s something wrong’…and it was gone.”

Patricia, Clinical Trial Participant

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How has your tinnitus changed after your completed the treatment?

“I don’t get as distracted by the tones and the sound. To me they are supressed.”

Ronnie, Clinical Trial Participant

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